1) How can you sand floors dust free?

We have the Atomic DCS. This is a trailer-mounted gas powered vacuum. It has 300 Lf of hose that connects directly to the sanding equipment and evacuates all the dust generated to the trailer where it is filtered outside.

2) Is it really truly dust free?

Yes it is 99% dust free. What makes this system work is that it is super powerful. It removes all of the dust generated from the sanding process and filters it outside. Unlike portable vacuums that filter the air in the home. No filter is 100% dust free and if the vacuum is in the home then you will have dust.

3) How long does it take from start to finish?

Typically it is a 3-5 day process. 1-3 days for sanding and 2 days for coating.

4) What do we need to do to prepare for you to sand our floors?

All the furniture in the areas to be finished will need to be removed. Typically the home owners are responsible for this. However, we do offer a $/hr moving service. Most things can be rearranged to different parts of the home or to the garage. Worst case scenario a storage pod can be rented.

5) Do the baseboards need to be removed?

In most cases they can stay on, we have the most up to date equipment on the market today. It was designed for this purpose. Touch ups are sometimes required if dark stains are used.

6) How will the end result be?

Beautiful, most people will just think they are brand new floors.

7) Can you repair damage by water or add to existing floors?

Yes, this is what we specialize in. We are a full service hardwood flooring company. We add to existing floors and also supply and install new site finished and pre-finished products. We do lots of insurance and restoration work.

8) Who does the work? Is it you or sub contractors?

We are an employee company. Our staff goes through a rigorous training program. They are certified craftsmen. They are rewarded on quality, not quantity. Having employees gives us the benefit of controlling the process from start to finish.

9) Is it expensive to have our floors redone?

We are very reasonably priced and most people are often happily surprised at the cost. However, it is something that varies from job to job. There is no set price as there are too many variables involved. This is why we offer free estimates so we can provide an accurate, unique quote.

10) Is it worth refinishing our existing floor or should we just bought new?

Typically refinishing an existing floor is a third of the cost of a new floor. So your existing floor has a lot of value. Most floors we refinish today that are roughly 15 years old, were about ½ the price they are today. They are one of the only things in your home that are increasing in value as it ages. It will greatly increase the value of your home when complete.