A total hardwood floor care system for your hardwood floors in calgary cochrane using Urban Tree Flooring, serving SW Calgary, Cochrane, Bearspaw and Springbank.

Which Hardwood Flooring Care System is Right for You?

Urban Tree Flooring now offers a new complete hardwood flooring care system to Calgary, Cochrane, Bearspaw and Springbank.

Whether you have installed a new hardwood floor in the last few years, or if your floor is decades old, we have a floor care solution that’s right for you!

We help bring your existing floor back to its original state, removing deep scratches and scuffs that detract from the floor’s natural beauty and shine.

Our deep cleaning solution is tailored for hardwood floors. It includes deep cleaning and polish, certified buff and re-coat, and dust-free sanding and refinishing.

While they are extremely durable, all hardwood floors require ongoing maintenance. From regular cleaning of existing hardwood, to a full sanding and refinishing, it’s best to leave the more difficult tasks like deep cleaning, buffing and refinishing to a dedicated team of hardwood flooring experts like Urban Tree.

We’ve served Calgary and Cochrane since 2003 and take pride in every flooring project. We consider hardwood floor restoration an art that requires attention to detail, quality products and genuine respect for your home and quality of life.

Introducing the Hardwood Flooring Solution for Your Calgary & Cochrane Home!

When it comes to floor refinishing and restoration, we must first assess the age and condition of your floor. Cleaning wood floors is one thing, but restoring them to their original glory requires proper assessment of what will work best for your unique situation.

Knowing the square foot area, type of wood, when the floor was installed, the plank width, any current warping and type of finish can help determine the best course of action. It is also important to determine if any floor additions, repairs or replacement is needed to the existing hardwood floor.

Refinishing hardwood floors does not have to be an overwhelming or daunting task! Knowing where to start can make for an easy and efficient process with the best results. We can assess all of these details for you.

Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors:

floor care system for your hardwood flooring calgary cochrane

If your hardwood floor is 1-3 years old
The deep cleaning process is something that can happen as often as necessary for our customers depending on how dirty your floors get. Typically, you would look at doing a deep cleaning around the 1-3 years after installing your new hardwood or tile floor.

This process is would be completed in one day. You will be able to be on the areas immediately after completion. The floor would be power scrubbed with a deep cleaning solution until clean, then power scrubbed with a deep cleaning rinse.

This process removes dirt and grime built up over time from everyday use. It will restore your floor to the original look and shine.

Note: This process will not remove dents, scuffs and scratches.


Certified Buff and Re-coat Flooring System:

A total floor care system for your hardwood flooring calgary cochrane using Urban Tree Flooring, serving SW Calgary, Cochrane, Bearspaw and Springbank.

If your hardwood floor is 5-8 years old
The buff and re-coat system is now offered as a certified system. This means when done properly it guarantees that the floor finish will adhere to the surface. This process is typically done around the 5-8 year range.

The process begins with a remover applied to the floor. This softens residue and old finish. We buff the hardwood floors with commercial grade buffing machine that uses an abrasive buffing pad to loosen any foreign debris and contaminants from the wood grain. The floor is then power scrubbed with deep clean rinse.

This process is repeated once more, and then tack cleaned. We can re-coat hardwood flooring at this point. This includes the application of one coat of commercial finish. This is a one-day process with light foot traffic in 3-4 hrs and 24 hours 90% cured.


Sand and Refinish System:

A total hardwood floor care system for your hardwood floors in calgary cochrane using Urban Tree Flooring, serving SW Calgary, Cochrane, Bearspaw and Springbank.

If your hardwood floor is 8-15 years old
If you have an older floor, it may be time to completely sand your floor and refinish it. This is the deepest solution we offer and requires the most time and resources to complete.

It’s worth it though! Our process of dust free sanding and refinishing will bring the floor back to new again. Typically, this would happen around the 8-15 year range depending on traffic and wear.

If you have a high traffic floor, it may require refinishing sooner. If you’re not sure if this service is needed for your floor, give us a call, we can help you determine the best approach for your needs, not only for the current floor, but how you can best maintain it in the future.

The refinishing process would be to sand the wood dust free removing all imperfections. There’s no need for a dust mask with our environmentally-friendly vacuum truck, that eliminates dust from the sanding process.

Next, we use a full trowel filling the floor with a wood filler. Then we finish the floor with a sealer or change the colour with a stain. The floor would then be protected with two coats of a commercial hardwood floor finish, such as a water based polyurethane finish from Bona, which ensures the highest quality results.

This would typically be a three to five-day process depending on size and lay out. Dry times are the same as above.

Restoring Hardwood Flooring Calgary, Cochrane & Area

The important thing to remember when it comes to hardwood floor care is that it is an ongoing process. While these types of floors are generally durable and long-lasting, they also require attention, from cleaning and polishing to buffing and refinishing.

Hardwood floors enrich a home’s decor and add value to your home, not only in your day to day life, but when it comes to reselling your home in the future. So, they are worth the attention and investment to get the most out of them.

As each tree is unique, so is every hardwood floor. Each floor requires a unique assessment and strategy for short and long-term maintenance. If your current Cochrane or Calgary flooring company has not followed through with this type of plan, it’s time. Learn how to clean and maintain your floors directly from the experts.

We’d love to help you get the best out of your floors! Send us a flooring project request or call us to discuss your needs today.

And, just so you have peace of mind, all Urban tree work is performed by trained professionals and comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. We take pride in our service and are committed to customer satisfaction.